Wonderful nightlife brings respite from summer heat
Foshan China 2023-07-18 17:09

Food and entertainment always comfort people in spite of the scorching summer heat. Here in Foshan, night market with Southeast Asian food and carnivals for ice tea, coffee and beer are waiting for you to enjoy summer vibes.

Star State Night Market

If you love to visit night markets and have Southeast Asian food, you can have them both at the Star State Market, the largest Southeast Asian style night market in Foshan. Here, you can have an immersive experience of authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, such as Tom Yum soup, Thai barbecue, durian, iced coffee, etc. In addition to a mouth-watering collection of Southeast Asian food, the Star State Market, with nearly 200 vendors within, also offers you mini music concerts, souvenirs and almost anything that one can imagine.

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Address: Everlasting City, Guang-Fo Future Town, Nanhai District

Opening time: 18:00-24:00 Monday to Sunday

2023 Tea and Coffee Cultural Festival

At the 2023 Daliang Tea and Coffee Cultural Festival, running from July to August, you can taste various kinds of tea and coffee as well as enjoy activities such as gourmet market, camping, and live shows. The event not only offers citizens and tourists with a delightful audiovisual and tasting experience, but also provides solace for visitors from dull and tedious work in the company of music and food.

In the scorching summer, ice cream is, of course, a must-have. There are also snacks like ice jelly and cakes with adorable appearances that will surely make them a hit on your social media.

Besides, interactive games and exquisite gifts are also prepared for you.

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Venue 1: OCT Harbour PLUS, Shunde

Opening time: July 14-July 16/ July 21-July 23

Venue 2: Sugang Village

Opening time: July 27-July 30

Venue 3: Golden Phoenix Square

Opening time: Aug. 5-Aug. 6

Venue 4: Xishan Temple

Opening time: Aug. 12-Aug. 13

2023 TsingTao Beer Carnival

The 2023 TsingTao Beer Carnival has officially kicked off in Sanshui District, allowing visitors to indulge in the refreshing experience of drinking beer. The carnival will conclude on July 22.

Together, let's dive into the world of alcohol and fully enjoy the splendid summer moments!

Travel Guide

Address: Mingfuchang Gymnasium, Sanshui District

Opening time: July 14-July 22

Tips: During the event, it is recommended that citizens opt for environmentally-friendly transportation. Sanshui Public Transportation offers multiple stops that can conveniently take citizens to the event venue, such as Mingfuchang Gymnasium, the Fourth Elementary School of Xinan Street, and Sanshui Square.

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