Sansui-Shunde Art Exchange Exhibition kicks off
Foshan China 2023-07-24 15:36

On July 20, the Art Exchange Exhibition of Sansui County in Qiandongnan of Guizhou Province and Shunde District of Foshan kicked off at Shunde Culture Center. The exhibition showcased a total of 99 artistic works in calligraphy, painting, and photography, with 51 pieces from Shunde and 48 pieces from Sansui. This is the second art exchange exhibition between Sansui and Shunde, lasting from July 20 to August 25.

With the theme of "Culture Nourishes The Countryside," this exhibition promotes artistic and cultural exchanges between Shunde and Sansui through various exhibition formats, aiming to facilitate cultural cooperation between the eastern and western regions and promote rural culture revitalization. At the exhibition, there are a total of 99 artistic works in calligraphy, painting, and photography, all created by artists from Shunde and Sansui, who use their cameras, paintings, and other tools to record the achievements of the eastern and western cooperation and the happiness of people, indicating their pursuit and passion for art.

At the exhibition, Shunde citizens are able to have a close look at specialty products and cultural creative products from Sansui and know more about the locality and cultural charm of Sansui. The cultural exchange between the two regions has yielded fruitful results and stimulated economic cooperation. For instance, Foshan Flour Mill and Guizhou Guanjun Agricultural Co., Ltd. from Sansui have signed a cooperation contract.

Hu zuyan, Standing Committee Member of Sansui's Party Committee and Director of Sansui's Publicity Department, expressed that, it is delightful to see artworks from Sansui being showcased in Shunde. With further cultural exchanges between the two regions, more exquisite artistic works will be created, and we hope that art enthusiasts from Shunde and Sansui can enjoy the beauty of art in this joint exhibition. In the near future, Sansui will take this exhibition as an opportunity to strengthen the cultural cooperation between youths through regular cultural exchange activities, creating a new cultural highland for both regions.

"We hope to continue our cooperation, promote cultural exchanges between the two regions, and achieve high-quality development in culture, sports, and tourism industries," said Zhang Hongbing, Standing Committee Member of Shunde's Party Committee and Director of Shunde's Publicity Department. She also stressed that, in this exhibition, she felt the enthusiasm of various sectors in Sansui for promoting cultural cooperation between the eastern and western regions, for which, Shunde people can appreciate outstanding artistic works, enjoy agricultural specialty products, and tourism products from Sansui just in Shunde. In the future, Shunde will continue to strengthen the cooperation between the eastern and western regions, continuously promote cooperation and exchanges in the culture field, and bring about more interesting intellectual collisions through the display of artworks from both regions.

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Revisor | Eddie, Eleanor

Photo | Nanfang Plus