Tapo Fair Cultural and Art Week kicks off in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-07-26 17:46

On the afternoon of July 23, the "Seeking the Origin of Foshan" - the Tapo Fair Cultural and Art Week kicked off in the Zumiao Sub-District of Chancheng District. The Fair will last from July 23 to July 30.

Apart from traditional folk activities like washing Tapo water, this year's Cultural and Art Week introduces new events such as chinoiserie cultural creations, martial arts flash mobs, Cantonese opera performance, ancient music performances, lantern parades, and artistic installations. The goal is to create the first Lingnan-themed cultural feast in the Guangzhou-Foshan region, reviving the bustling scene of the Tapo market from a thousand years ago and providing an immersive experience of Lingnan's cultural heritage for tourists.

At the event site, accompanied by a loud cry of "Water fetching begins!", Tapo residents fill the copper vessels with the well water and passed them along the parades. The water carries with it the auspicious message of "Tapo water flows ceaselessly, nourishing all living beings", which implies that everything will go smoothly in the coming year.

Tourists eagerly participate in the tradition of washing their hands with Tapo water, hoping for a flourishing and lucky new year.

The Tapo Temple Fair brings together a variety of elements, including flowers, handicrafts, cultural and creative products, Lingnan specialty crops, folk culture, and intangible cultural heritage projects. It aims to recreate the bustling scenes of the ancient Tapo market and showcase the unique charm of Lingnan culture.

At the event, visitors can witness the exquisite art of paper cutting by Deng Yanping, a master of Foshan paper cutting, who incorporates elements such as Tapo’s historical sites and Cantonese opera into her creations.

The Tapo area in Foshan is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. It attracts many intangible cultural heritage inheritors who set up studios nearby, offering visitors the opportunity to experience various traditional Foshan cultures such as lion head making, Choi Lee Fut and Eagle Claw Fist.

During the Tapo Temple Fair, a variety of performances that integrate intangible cultural heritage, chinoiserie, and contemporary art elements will be staged. These performances include Lion King Competition, chinoiserie show, Cantonese opera, Choi Lee Fut, traditional Chinese opera, and ancient-style band performances, presenting an eight-day audiovisual feast for residents and tourists.

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Photo |  Foshan News and Media Center, Tapo Temple Fair