Countdown to Kickoff: Jianlibao Team Prepares for 17th Sanshui Football League
Foshan China 2023-08-04 17:51

On August 2, with only 3 days left until the opening of the 17th "Jianlibao Cup" Foshan Football League, football players of Jianlibao Team, dressed in red jerseys, braved the scorching heat at the Westin Football Base in Foshan. Fearless of the high temperatures, they dedicated themselves to training. Many players expressed full confidence in their performance in this year's Football League. Several players of the Jianlibao Team come from various professional youth training academies, and they are joined by multiple skilled foreign players, all eager to showcase their talents on the stage.

In preparation for the Foshan Sanshui Football League, the Jianlibao Team has entered training mode since early July. They have been conducting training sessions for over 4 hours every day to ensure they are fully prepared for the competition.

As the 17th Foshan Sanshui Football League approaches, teams are diligently gearing up for the competition.


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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center