Beer Month to Ignite the Nighttime Economy in Gaoming
Foshan China 2023-08-17 17:18

Grab the tail of summer and enjoy the vibrant energy with beer! The Beer Month in Gaoming will kick off on August 18 at Binhe Creative Park. The event highlights "beer + intangible cultural heritage + trendy entertainment + gourmet", and it will feature a beer and food market, beer flash mob activities, concerts, etc., creating a carnival-like feast of delicious food and beer.

This Beer Month will take on a "1+N" format, with Binhe Creative Park being the main venue, and further collaborate with six major scenic spots and popular attractions such as Yingxiang Ecological Park, Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort, and Dongmen Xu 1475 to create unique sub-venues. The event will continue until the August 31.

The Beer Month opening ceremony will be held at Binhe Creative Park on the evening of August 18. The event will be a paradise for beer loverss, with over 30 beer and food stalls offering a wide variety of beers. Visitors can explore and indulge in the vibrant beer and food market, where they can discover and savor different types of finely crafted brews.

The event will also feature a dedicated exhibition area for promoting Gaoming cuisine made with specialties of Gaoming, showcasing the rich culinary culture of Gaoming. In addition to introducing local delicacies like Gaoming rice noodles and Gaoming Jiaozi, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore award-winning dishes by Gaoming's renowned Cantonese chefs and discover high-quality agricultural products.

Music is a major highlight of this event. Throughout the event, there will be local talented bands from Foshan, performing modern pop music or Hong Kong-style music. From August 19 to 21, there will be three consecutive nights of summer music extravaganza, allowing people to fully unleash their passion and energy during the summer.     

On the evening of August 18, the event in seven main sub-venues will also be launched simultaneously, showcasing the latest and most exciting trends in popular culture, attracting a diverse range of participants and further energizing the nighttime economy of Gaoming.

Reporter | Eleanor

Reviser | Eddie, Christy

Photo | Foshan Daily, Binhe Creative Park