CBA Star Zhu Fangyu makes a surprise appearance in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-08-18 16:17

On August 15, a fan meeting of Zhu Fangyu, a renowned basketball player of China, and the Youth Team of Guangdong Winnerway Basketball Club was held at the Mingfuchang Stadium in Sanshui, Foshan. Basketball fans of Foshan had a precious opportunity to have a close interaction with Zhu Fangyu and the Youth Team of Guangdong Winnerway Basketball Club.

At the fan meeting, Zhu Fangyu had close exchanges with the fans, guiding juvenile and adult fans on their basketball shooting posture and sharing his personal experiences in playing basketball.

"Lift up your hand until the wrist levels with your forehead." said Zhu Fangyu when he was patiently instructing a child player from the Basketball Team of Southwest Center Primary School in Sanshui how to do a three-pointer.

At the fan meeting, Uncle Li from Sanshui made a perfect three-point shot, stunning all the participants. Uncle Li expressed his excitement that, "I have been a basketball fan for decades, and I am very happy to see Zhu in person."

Zhu Fangyu expressed his gratitude for the warm reception from the people of Foshan during the meet-up. Meanwhile, he encouraged young basketball fans to keep passion for playing basketball and never give up to pursuing their basketball dream. He also expressed his best wishes for the basketball talent cultivation in Foshan.

In addition, Youth Team of Guangdong Winnerway Basketball Club presented a spectacular dunk show for the audience, with fantastic performances and stylish moves that garnered continuous applause.

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