"The Sound of Hydrogen Valley" staged in Danzao, Nanhai
Foshan China 2023-08-21 14:47

Starting from August 2023, Danzao has hosted a series of music concerts with different themes, creating a vibrant stage for youth culture. These concerts took place on a spacious outdoor lawn, unlocking a trendy lifestyle. Professional singers and renowned bands performed during the event, ensuring an exciting weekend for everyone!

A blend of Chinese and Western classical masterpieces

Songs such as "My Heart Will Go On", "Big Fish", "The Lion King", "Spirited Away + Castle in the Sky"... have awakened countless people's musical DNA.

During the performance, there were interactive quizzes about hydrogen energy knowledge. Visitors who participated in the quiz had chances to win prizes such as the "Hydrogen Cup," "Promising Youth" folding fan, pen holder, as well as other cultural and creative products.

Iconic characters came to life

Visitors were amazed as the incredibly popular cosplayers made a surprise appearance and hada close-up interactive experience with characters like Princess Elsa and Anna. The princesses took visitors on an adventure into the enchanting "Frozen World"!

"Flower Young" Creative Market

The cultural and creative market also opened on the same day. From original artwork to exquisite home decor and traditional craftsmanship, there were a wide array of offerings that wondered people who shopped.

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