'League of Legends' Finals Kicked Off at Guicheng's Qiandeng Lake on September 13
Foshan China 2023-09-15 14:04

The Guicheng e-sports scene is buzzing with anticipation! From September 11 to 13, the newly upgraded 'League of Legends' mobile game, the Ionia Cup - Foshan Nanhai International Invitational, took place right at Qiandeng Lake Civic Square, Guicheng. This event showcases the talents of eight teams, both local and international, as they vie for victory on Summoner's Rift!

In addition to this thrilling event, Guicheng has just concluded its first-ever E-sports Challenge community qualifiers. 88 impressive teams have emerged as champions from various Guicheng communities. Up next, these top-tier teams will engage in community championship matches and regional qualifiers to determine the final eight teams. These elite squads will then face off in the grand finals, where the ultimate community champion will be revealed!

Reporter | Lynn

Revisor | Eddie, Christy

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center