2023 Media Shunde Half Marathon to hold on Nov.12
Foshan China 2023-09-28 17:33

On September 26, the press conference for the 2023 Media Shunde Half Marathon was held.

The event will kick off at 7:30 AM on November 12 at Beijiao Gate Square. The event with a total number of 10,000 participants is divided into two categories: the half marathon (21.0975 kilometers) and the 5km race. Among them, 6,000 participants will attend the half marathon and 4,000 for the 5km race.

The event has attracted an overwhelming number of participants, with a total registration number of 35,069 individuals. Among them, 25,057 are from Guangdong province, while 10,012 are from outside Guangdong and 27,032 from cities beyond Foshan. Notably, 31,928 people have registered for the half marathon, resulting in a successful lottery rate of approximately 18.79%. The result was released on September 21.

The starting point of the marathon is set at Beijiao Gate Square. The half marathon route goes through Tianning Road, Chengde Road, Midea Avenue, Beijiao River Embankment Section, Lecong National Water Conservancy Park Scenic Area, and passes the Huayang Bridge to enter the Chencun River Embankment Road. The half marathon will end at the Chencun Flower World Exhibition Center, while the 5km race will end at Beijiao ALSO.

Adhering to the marathon spirit of perseverance and pursuing excellence, Shunde takes this opportunity to continue promoting the integration and development of the tourism industry with sports and culture. It will strive to create a win-win situation through the synergy of sports and other industries, branding a new name card of Foshan.

A combination of sports and technology

Based on the intelligent manufacturing industry of Shunde, the event incorporates technological and intelligent concepts, elements, and products, allowing participants to experience the strength of Shunde's technology and innovation from the convenient race experience, stunning technological displays, and unique event services.

As Midea, which has gradually evolved from a local company into a global technology group, has contributed years of accumulated technological innovation and achievements to this event. With its intelligent and high-precision leading technology, Media will provide considerate services to participants in multiple ways, ensuring not only convenience but participants' safety as well.

A feast of gastronomy

The event will further promote the brand of "Capital of Gastronomy" of Shunde. The organizer will map out diverse culinary delights and tourist attractions along the course. Meanwhile, multiple food supply points will also be set up along the course, allowing participants to enjoy local delicacies beyond the marathon. In addition, a special food carnival will be set up at the finishing point, featuring a variety of local dishes and international cuisine.

A gathering of professional marathoners

The event will invite professional marathoners from both domestic and international arenas, boosting the race to a higher level and broader scope. Compared to amateur participants, the participation of the professionals featuring fierce competitions will dazzle the public and make the event more attractive and prevalent.

A flower world with romance

The finish point for the half marathon is set at the Chencun Flower World Exhibition Center, known as "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Spot", one of "Foshan's New Eight Scenic Spots", and one of "Shunde's New Ten Scenic Spots." During the event, flower planting work will be carried out with flower baskets hanging along the racecourse. Also, a fabulous light night market will be set up, contributing to a splendid marathon feast with romance.

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