Big names have arrived! Hong Kong Celebrity Football Team played a friendly match in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-10-01 19:47

On the afternoon of September 30, a friendly match of the 17th Foshan "La Liga" Workers' Football League kicked off in Sanshui, Foshan. A star-studded Hong Kong Celebrity Football Team featuring names like Alan Tam and Natalis Chan appeared at the Yunxiu Mountain Sports Stadium in Sanshui. They played a "friendly match" against the Foshan Women's Football Team and performed popular songs during halftime, sparking cheers from the enthusiastic fans and creating a lively atmosphere.

During this visit, they also had the opportunity to savor local delicacies like Sanshui fresh river food and the top ten famous dishes of Sanhui, leveraging their "celebrity effect" to promote the unique local cuisine.

The friendly match was divided into three 30-minute segments, with a singing performance during each halftime break. A total of 38 members of the Hong Kong Celebrity Football Team participated in the match. The team included well-known actors, directors, and other entertainment industry figures.

As the game commenced, one team took possession and advanced, while the other team awaited their chance to launch a counterattack, resulting in an intense and spirited competition. During halftime, the football pitch turned into a concert stage. The celebrities took turns performing classic songs like "Iron-Blooded Heart," "You Are Always Good in My Heart," and "The Greatest Love in My Life," igniting a sing-along frenzy among the audience. Finally, the match concluded with a grand chorus of "Sing to the Motherland."

The arrival of the Hong Kong Celebrity Football Team is expected to bring new energy to the Foshan "La Liga" and serve as a platform for cultural exchange in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area through the medium of football.

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