Foshan Embraces Booming Production and Sales of New Year Flowers and Tangerine
Foshan China 2024-01-18 19:54

"This year market is the busiest one in the past decade!" Foshan florists and floral companies are busy with shipment and sales. Famous products such as Nanhai Lishui Phalaenopsis, Shunde Xianyong Four-season Tangerine and Vermillion Tangerine will be sold throughout the country. The spring flower markets in the five districts are also getting more and more attention from the public as the festival approaches.

Ninety percent of tangerine in Xianyong Village, Chencun Town, Shunde have been preordered, with most of them being sold to other places. Aerial photos showed a "green landscape".

Prosperous production and sales of New Year flowers and tangerines

Entering the 10,000-acre horticultural world in Lishui, Nanhai, tourists and florists shuttle through the park, creating a busy scene.

The market and sales conditions are good this year, with prices generally rising by about 20% year-on-year, said by Zhong Rongyi, a representative of JiuJiu Biotechnology Company.

It is believed that the fifth to the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth lunar month is the traditional peak season for the phalaenopsis orchid industry. This year, the company's output value of phalaenopsis orchids reached 350,000 plants, of which 100,000 plants are sold in China, and some have been ordered by dealers in advance. "This year, the average amount of goods taken by customers is between 10,000 and 20,000 plants, which is relatively large. Moreover, the delivery time is about ten days earlier than in previous years, from the original 20 days to the 30 days before the delivery, which has demonstrated everyone's confidence in the market.

In addition to offline sales, Wanqing Gardening World has also actively promoted its products through e-commerce and live-streaming channels in recent years.

At present, there are more than 80 phalaenopsis orchid e-commerce enterprises in the park. In 2023, more than 5 million plants of phalaenopsis orchids were sold through e-commerce platforms, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan. The TikTok account of Wanqing Wanhui E-commerce Operation Center, "万顷满园园艺Wanqing Manyuan Gardening", has been broadcast for two years, with 276,000 fans and 171,000 orders sold. Among its product range, "Kingdee" is the most popular, with about 10,000 recent sales.

Shunde Chencun Flower World is also selling well.

A variety of New Year's flowers have been listed, attracting many people to book and buy. Up to now, nearly 30% of the New Year's Eve flower inventory has been sold.

Xianyong Village is the largest and most numerous village in Chencun with tangerine planting area of over 2000 mu, accounting for more than half of the total area of the village. There are over 2000 planting households, with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. The reasons for the booming production and sales this year are mainly due to favorable weather, geographical location and people. The weather is sunny this year, with less rain, which is suitable for the growth of tangerine.

Flower markets are bursting with "IP", and citizens are eager to "compete for being stall owners"

Spring flower market is one of the traditional sales channels for the yearly flowers. In order to further promote the local business of yearly flowers, flower markets in various districts, towns and streets of Foshan are making preparations. Governments at all levels have organized spring flower markets with their own "IP" characteristics by combining unique cultural and tourism resources.

The 2024 Nanhai Flower Market will be held from February 3 to 9 on East Denghu Road and FULI Plaza. The New Year tangerine plants stalls were auctioned off one by one, creating a lively atmosphere on the spot.

The Foshan New Town Flower Market will be held from February 3rd to 9th, 2024 at Dongping Plaza - South Wenhua Road. It will have five activity areas: food area, market area, car boot sales area, performance interaction area, and photo area. Nearly 200 stalls will be solicited.

As one of the most popular spring flower markets in Shunde, the Daliang Flower Market attracts many citizens and tourists to visit the flower street and buy New Year goods every year.

The 2024 Lingnan Spring Festival Water Flower Fair in Lishui Town is scheduled to open on January 31 (the 21st day of the twelfth lunar month) at Lishui Dream Water Town scenic area. It will allow citizens and tourists to immerse themselves in the Spring Festival atmosphere of Lingnan Water Town through fireworks performances, fun booths, punch points and other forms. Currently, 174 booths have been basically reserved.

In the Chencun, the 40th Chencun Flower Market will be held in the Flower World from January 31 to February 8, 2024. This year, various activities such as the Shunde Flavor Food Festival and the Global Goods New Year Festival will be held at the same time, with singing, dancing and fireworks performances every day.


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