Youth from Macau and Foshan Unite in Improvisational Theatre Experience
Foshan China 2024-01-22 18:03

Recently, the "Encounter Lingnan" Improvisational Theater Theme Activity took place at the Yuanji Huang Gong Temple, built during the Qianlong Period. Over 30 youths from Macau and Foshan came together to collectively experience the unique charm of improvisational theater.

Spontaneous performances showcase youth vitality

Guided by the host, the youth alternated between showcasing their optimal states of "relaxed body and mind," exchanging glances with their peers, and reenacting scenes of encountering with friends. Responding to prompts such as a given scenario, a sentence, or a gesture, they engaged in spontaneous performances without scripts, props, or rehearsals.

In the "Photo" section, the youths unleashed their imagination and creativity, conveying the story embedded in the 'photo' in their own distinctive ways."

All parties engage in enthusiastic discussions, embracing the charms of theater

Mai Yuezhen and Rong Kadah, two seasoned sign language instructors from the Macau Craft Studio, provided a "silent broadcast" of the improvised performances for audiences through sign language and theatrical visuals. Simultaneously, the participants were encouraged to share their thoughts freely, discussing theatrical culture, insights, and their dreams.

"Wherever I stand, that's my stage," expressed the improvisational theater enthusiast Chen Junhao. He emphasized how improvisational theater allows individuals to better unleash their nature, release emotions, and explore self-discovery. He found a sense of relaxation and joy, especially in the "photo" section, filled with suspense and surprises.

"Although improv theater lacks scripts, sets, or props, it is far from a solo act," shared Ms. Huang, representing the public service sector. She conveyed her understanding, experiences and insights gained from the event. Emphasizing the importance of eye contact and body language in improv acting, she highlighted their role in unleashing imaginative movements for participants and fostering a sense of connection, cooperation, and understanding among the youth.

Moving forward, the Youth League Committee of Zumiao Sub-District will steadfastly prioritize the needs of the youth. Leveraging platforms such as the "Youth Center" and the "Foshan Ancient Town Youth Drama Center," it will continue to organize a diverse array of enriching branded 'Youth' activities. Our aim is to propel more youth from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to seek employment and settle in Zumiao Sub-District.

Reporter | Serena

Revisor | Eleanor, Eddie

Photo | The Youth League Committee of Zumiao Sub-District