Experience the Dragon Year Art Activities at Shunde Shunfeng Mountain Park
Foshan China 2024-01-25 09:32

On January 21, the courtyard of the Tingzhi Art Museum in Shunfeng Mountain Park was filled with both adults and children, molding soft dough under the gentle winter sunshine. Everyone had the hands-on experience of crafting adorable dragon-shaped steamed buns!

As a devoted fan of Art Education Academy of Shunfeng Mountain, the enthusiastic little artist also invited many friends to join the activity. She expressed, “I love attending the hands-on classes at Shunfeng Mountain Park. Not only do we create fantastic artworks, but we also get to spend a relaxing day in the park with friends.”

Adjacent to the scene, the "Dragon" Calligraphy event attracted waves of visitors. With a brush in hand, participants followed the skilled calligrapher, blending Chinese characters with painting to create charming and entertaining compositions.

It's worth noting that the Tingzhi Art Museum's courtyard will continue hosting a series of dragon-themed and engaging hands-on art activities, including clay modeling and fabric art, extending all the way to the Lantern Festival holiday.

In addition to hands-on activities, the postcard stamping event is an unmissable highlight. As part of the 'Chronicles of Time' Guangdong Photography Century Exhibition, the interactive activity features four exhibition halls, each with a distinct stamp corresponding to one of the four thematic colors.

Breaking away from the traditional chronological narrative, the photography exhibition meticulously reorganizes 112 photographic works spanning from 1839 to 2020. These works are categorized into six chapters: Red Photography, Urban Transformation, Natural Landscapes, Artistic Innovation, Humanistic Spirit, and Commercial Photography.

Simultaneously, Shunfeng Mountain Park hosts the 'Miaojiang Blessings Taijiang County Cultural Exhibition' at the Yaze Garden, featuring three venues presenting tourism information about Qiandongnan Taijiang, specialty agricultural product displays, interactive check-ins for village basketball tournament, and a visual display of 15 intangible cultural heritage items from Taijiang County.

The 30th-anniversary calligraphy exhibition by the Shunde Calligraphers Association showcases over 300 works covering various styles such as cursive, running script, seal script, clerical script, and regular script.

This Chinese New Year, Shunfeng Mountain Park seamlessly integrates 'Landscape and Cultural Arts,' offering citizens the opportunity to vividly experience and interpret the profound essence of China's excellent traditional culture.

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