Experience the Festive Vibe at Foshan's Largest Water Flower Market
Foshan China 2024-02-06 09:36

On January 31st, the 10-day 'Flowers on the water and Fortune Beckons' 2024 Lishui Town· Lingnan Spring Water Flower Market kicked off in Lishui, Nanhai. From the water to the shore, a profusion of flowers delighted visitors as they enjoyed colorful flowers on the water, participated in water cruise, savored distinctive cuisine, and sought good fortune for the coming year.

Throughout the flower market, twelve floral fairies graced the scene.

Young girls in beautiful traditional costumes posed for photos on-site.

A variety of captivating booths offered fun and exploration.

As night fell, the river and both banks became even more picturesque.

The enchanting glow of colorful lanterns added to the spectacle.

The bustling popularity makes it a must-visit event.

Reporter | Serena

Revisor | Eleanor, Lynn

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center