A Vibrant Encounter between Flower Market and "Subject Three"
Foshan China 2024-02-08 17:50

The lively tune of the "Subject Three" dance echoes through the air, transforming Chancheng District's Wenhua Flower Market's main stage into a vibrant dance floor, also a joyful ocean.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, strolling through flower streets is a must for every Guangdong resident. Amidst the bustling flower market, there are moments of beauty waiting to be discovered and documented.

At the scene of Wenhua Flower Market, children enthusiastically participate in the "Subject Three" dance. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Jiang Guanghua)

A girl adds a beautiful touch with her on-site dance performance. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Dong Zhifeng)

A girl is captured at a peach blossom booth. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Li Huilong)

The dazzling night view of Wenhua Flower Market with vibrant lights. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Yang Jinquan)

On-site dances create an exceptionally lively atmosphere. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Sun Jianyun)

Citizens capture memorable moments. (Foshan Media Photography Club/Liang Yingqiang)

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Photo | Foshan Media Photography Club