Most Exciting Celebration for Lantern Festival in Foshan: Jumping Over the Fire
Foshan China 2024-02-26 10:36

Welcome to Chishan village in Nanhai and experience various activities with joy.

Explore the Tailgate Market with Unique Booths

Here, you can indulge in Lantern Festival concerts, bonfire dances, make wishes for blessings, and celebrate the Lunar New Year with family and friends.

Jumping Over The Fire

This event will feature a grand procession led by the village chief, including traditional activities such as jumping over the fire and reciting blessings, allowing locals and visitors to delve into the cultural heritage of Chishan Village.

At the event site, robust men, whose waist adorned with red cloth, hoisted the elaborately decorated wooden statue of the village deity on their shoulders, while those behind them proudly waved colorful flags and large red lanterns, forming a majestic procession that paraded through Chishan Village, bestowing blessings upon residents and tourists alike.

As the bonfire ignites, everyone is invited to gracefully leap over it amidst cheers, praying for good health and fortune in the coming year.

Visitors are encouraged to complete ten leaps as a symbol of wishing for peace and prosperity in the new year.

On February 24, starting from 20:18, guests can fervently make wishes in front of the bonfire, join the villagers, and revel in the joyous occasion at the square.

Adding a unique touch, the market introduces the concept of tailgate booths, where car owners showcase their goods, catering to both adults and children alike. Stalls offer a variety of handicrafts, delicacies, intangible cultural heritage items, and platforms for women's micro-enterprises, along with selected local products such as cultural artifacts and delicacies.

Live Concert

The event also features Lantern Festival concerts and Cantonese opera performances, providing guests with a delightful audio-visual experience.

Chishan Village boasts a century-old banyan tree, symbolizing the essence of the village's vitality and spirituality, offering visitors a glimpse into the village's cultural richness.

Guests can purchase wishing tokens under the banyan tree, earnestly inscribing their wishes and tossing them onto its branches, seeking fulfillment and smooth sailing in all endeavors.

Additionally, visitors can participate in the blessing pool tradition, where they can release prosperity lanterns into the clear waters, symbolizing their hopes and aspirations flowing far and wide.

The village features numerous ancient buildings and lanes worth exploring.

Don your qipao or hanfu attire for unforgettable photo opportunities at this enchanting locale.

Notably, during the Lantern Festival, Chishan Village will host a series of themed events, inviting you to experience a Lingnan-style Night.

Event Details:

February 23rd-24th (the fourteenth and fifteenth days of the first lunar month, Friday and Saturday),10am - 9:30pm

Chishan Village, Lishui

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