The Registration for the 2024 Foshan 50KM Hiking Event About to Begin!
Foshan China 2024-02-28 18:04

Registration for the 2024 Foshan 50KM Hiking Event commences on February 28. Cordial invitation was send to people all around the world to join us for 50KM hike in Foshan, experiencing the new face of Foshan and witnessing its new achievements together.

Since 2015, Foshan has hosted the event for seven consecutive years, attracting over a million hiking enthusiasts and citizens from home and abroad. This year, in line with tradition, we continue with the theme of "Beautiful Foshan, Forward Together" for the 2024 Foshan 50KM Hiking Event.

This year's Foshan 50KM Hiking event fully integrates online and offline resources for interactive engagement, creating a series of featured activities to showcase Foshan's high-quality development of Foshan's sports industry.

Regarding the route, the Foshan 50KM Hiking route has been completely optimized this year.

The Shunde route aims to fully display the achievements of the "Beautiful Waterfront City," passing through over 20 kilometers of embankments.

The Nanhai route has been extended to include the Wenhan Lake area, with additional checkpoints including the Sanshan Forest Park and Wenhan Lake.

This is not just a city sports carnival but also a cultural journey. During the event, a series of cultural and tourism activities will be held simultaneously, allowing citizens and hiking enthusiasts to experience the charm of Foshan.

Nowadays, the Foshan 50KM Hiking Event has wielded significant influence not only in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, but also across the nation. It has become not only a renowned mass sports brand event but also a splendid urban calling card for Foshan.

Reporter | Serena

Revisor | Eddie, Lynn

Photo | Foshan News and Media