Lingnan Folk Activity "Travel Zhuzi Street" to Kick off at Chancheng Meitao Bay
Foshan China 2024-03-04 17:53

Walking in the street market, watching the lantern, drinking rice wine, crossing the village fair of the Song dynasty, experiencing the "Santai" Culture (Chentaiji Distillery, Taiyuan Tea House, and Taiping Night Porridge) and normal daily life of Shiwan Old Street are attractive activities in this event.

Activity Scene of Zhuzi Street

Lingnan Folk Activity "Travel Zhuzi Street" is one of the ten traditional folk activities in Foshan. This event in 2024 will include music and parades, which make the content of the event various so that people can experience panoramically and immersively the flourishing scene of Zhuzi Street, which was the CBD of Meitao Bay in the past. This event will make Zhuzi Street become a jollification place again, helping Foshan build itself as a city with Lingnan cultural heritage.

What are the attractive points of this event? Let us have a look!

Featured Parade team to showcase folk culture

Time: March 11st, 2024

The launch ceremony of the Lingnan folk activity of "Travel Zhuzi Street" at Meitao Bay will combine the festive atmosphere of the second day of the second lunar month in 2024, feature large parades with local characteristics such as dragon and lion dance performances. These dynamic processions will vividly depict the cultural stories of Zhuzi Street and showcase local customs, creating a vibrant festive ambiance.

The torchbearers of the parade team will start from the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln after taking the fire for the torch, and they will run along the main locations such as Shiwan Park, Heping Road, Yuejin Road, Shiwan Winery, and there are also lion performances and the decorations for people to record the activity along the way.

The century-old tradition of the kiln fire is transmitted to every street in the central area of Meitao Bay, conveying good wishes for favorable weather, abundant harvests, and national prosperity and peace, marking the beginning of the event.

Creative Market to convey fashion vibe

Time: 9nd-11st March, 2024

The "Southern-style Collection" Creative Market introduces trendy and creative stall owners to display more innovative products combining traditional culture and modern design. At the same time, it is linked with the Zhuzi Street activities, launching limited edition products, and setting up places for people to bless.

Multiple events at Zhuzi Street

Time: 11st-12nd March, 2024

During the activity, people can go to Taiyuan Teahouse to taste the retro Cantonese dim sum and watch the tea masters demonstrate the method created in the Song Dynasty to make a cup of tea, besides, people can taste Shiwan rice wine in Taiji Winery and watch how to make a handmade wine. Moreover, people can taste a bowl of real Foshan "Kung Fu Night Congee" in Zhuzi Street. Except for those, people also can taste coffee mixing wine in Taiji Coffee. Taiji Coffee will be open in the evening, and there are discounts during the "Tour of Zhuzi" activity. There are also various performances such as martial arts, crosstalk, and Cantonese opera, etc.

Cantonese Opera in "Travel Zhuzi Street"

History of Zhuzi Street

Zhuzi Street is the founding place of Chen Taiji Winery, which is 106 Taiping Street now and is also the central location of the headquarters base of Guangdong Shiwan Winery Group.

Yu Wanshao, a Foshan folk custom expert, said Zhuzi Stree first appeared in the Song Dynasty. Chen Taiji winery opened here in the Qing Dynasty Daoguang ten years (1830) . After the winery opened, the street became prosperous gradually and then this street attracted many people to set up tea houses, shops, restaurants, etc. This street is over 200 meters long and "Three Tai" is a characteristic of this street, which are Chen Taiji Winery, Taiyuan Teahouse and Taiping Congee Shop. At that time, people who worked in Shiwan used to drink tea at the Taiyuan Teahouse in the morning, then worked at the winery, and finally had dinner at Taiping Night Congee Shop in the evening. For Shiwan people in the Qing Dynasty, enjoying the "Three Tai" life for a day was the most pleasurable activity in life.

Pictures of Zhuzi Street

The main Shiwan industries are concentrated in this street while presenting various market cultures, pottery cultures and food cultures. Zhuzi Street remains popular from morning till night, reflecting its significant social historical standing. However, with the historical changes, Zhuzi Street was not only renamed Taiping Street but also its length was shortened to more than 100 meters. Now, Taiping Street is the main road of Guangdong Shiwan Winery Factory Area.

Guangdong Shiwan Winery Group started the project for Zhuzi Street restoration at the end of 2014, which is based on the minimum modification of the original concrete factory buildings. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts was commissioned to design the project, focusing on restoring the residential architecture style of the late Qing Dynasty, adding architectural elements with Lingnan characteristics, such as wok-ear walls, gable wall, brick carving, etc., restoring the 120m Lingnan Commercial Street and wholly reappeared flourishing scene of the original Zhuzi Street.

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