Heading towards Spring! The 2024 Foshan 50-Kilometer Hiking Event Kicks Off
Foshan China 2024-03-23 15:48

On March 23rd, the much-anticipated 2024 Foshan 50-kilometer hiking event kicked off, attracting a large number of enthusiastic participants. They meticulously prepared and dressed up, becoming an eye-catching spectacle amidst the crowd.

At around 7 a.m., crowds had already swarmed the starting points across the five districts of Foshan. Diverse and vibrant groups steadily gathered, each brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation. Among them are groups showcasing traditional culture, pioneering manufacturing entrepreneurs, top-tier professionals, groups dedicated to public welfare and charitable endeavors, etc.

Departing in the springtime, citizens set off on foot to share the beauty of the spring together.

With the vast procession of groups steadily advancing, numerous citizens along the route also joined in, enjoying the festive atmosphere and adding a touch of vibrancy to the occasion.

The spirited citizens and tourists are walking with high energy and enthusiasm.

"I feel extremely honored to represent Qiandongnan in the 50-kilometer Hike," Yang Changhui said. "Having worked in Foshan for many years, I've long heard about the 50-kilometer hike. This is my first time participation.”

Citizens are meticulously dressed.

The lion and dragon elements in the event were particularly eye-catching.

Since 2015, Foshan has successfully organized the 'Beautiful Foshan, Moving Forward Together - Foshan 50-Kilometer Hike' event for seven consecutive years, attracting over a million hiking enthusiasts and citizens at home and abroad. This event serves as a grand celebration of national fitness and a vibrant showcase of urban spirit.

Reporter | Eleanor

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Photo | Foshan News, Xu Yijun, Wang Qingshan,He Guanjie, Xu Chunyang