Yellow old houses in Cypress Alleys

Foshan Daily 2017-04-06 15:40

Cypress Alleys are silently located in Daliang town, Shunde district, where many old buildings of 1970s and 1980s are preserved and outer walls are painted in yellow. (Photo & text: Qin Zhengpeng/ Plan: Liu Gang/ Editor: Wang Weinan)

Chinese redbuds are blooming against the yellow wall.
The mirror becomes a photographing spot for many tourists.
Spring is coming in a new year. Flowers and old houses are perfect match for each other.
A tailor’s shop is in an old house. Where is the owner?
The plants in this two-storey house are covered by sunshine, making a tranquil and beautiful picture.
Nowadays, some old houses are empty and the windows with carved patterns are already decayed.
Among the “Penglai” houses in the Cypress Alleys, a resident is riding a bicycle with children.
A girl is learning roller skating among houses.
An old man is riding through alleys in a tricycle.
There are some sundries on the first floor but the “harmonious building regulations” is very interesting.
The door is opened and closed for countless times with traces of time.
A part of the old house is painted with graffiti. Clothes and shoes are hung on the wall.
In the spring, plants climb over yellow walls. (Photo & text: Qin Zhengpeng/ Plan: Liu Gang/ Editor: Wang Weinan)