People cross Tongji Bridge at Lantern Festival

Foshan China 2017-02-16 21:23

Crossing Tongji Bridge is a traditional culture in Foshan  at Lantern Festival.
Lettuce in old times was called “Shengyi Cai” ( a symbol of luck and fortune) when crossing Tongji Bridge. Buying lettuce back home implies a smooth and stable new year.
There always some people in the crowd who stick to their job—they are volunteers during the activity.
A total of 730,000 people crossed the Tongji Bridge this year at the Lantern Festival this year. It was crowded on the bridge.
Your fortune is coming! The god of wealth also came to cross the Tongji Bridge.
Where is the one you are looking forward to meet in the crowd? May be he’s waiting you on the Tongji Bridge.
You are shooting others, while you may also be in others’ lens.
A sweet scene appeared on the Tongji Bridge—A couple were kissing lightly with a warm love.
Does your children be photographed in the crowd?
Taking a winddmill in hand, hoping for a healthy and happy year for little children.