Aerial photos of new appearance of Sanshui

Foshan China 2017-03-09 15:37

A serious of aerial photos of Sanshui came out.
The Sanshui left and right bank park with beautiful scenery, is located on both sides of the southwestern river. It is a good place for people to relax.
Wenta park is named after Wenta, a tower in the park. Wenta has been existing for more than 300 years since it was built in Ming dynasty, which is the oldest existing historic building in Sanshui.
Sanshui is a confluence of three rivers. The wide North River breed the long history and culture of Sanshui and build the foundation for the development of modern economic society.
When overlooking from up above, lotus were in blossom in the Lotus World.
Sanshui New City is under construction, covering an area of the south of Leping, the east of Yun Donghai and the north of southwestern urban area.
Sanshui forest park is located in the northern suburb of Xinan, Sanshui. The biggest confucious temple in South China, Crocodile Lake Zoo and Mandarine Duck Lake are involved in it. It is a good desti