Green Foshan, Magnificent Foshan

Foshan China 2017-05-17 16:52

Foshan is a magnificent city with green landscape.

The riverside landscape belt of Foshan New City is covered by over 330 kinds of plants, which are green in all seasons. (Foshan News/ Pan Weixin)
Foshan New City is decorated by trees and flowers, full of vigor. (Foshan News/ Pan Weixin)
Overlooking from Beijiao, Shunde, it is like a beautiful jade. (Netizen/ 冷雨飘扬)
Shunde New Town is surrounded by green trees, making the city as scenic as a park. (Netizen/ 冷雨飘扬)
Poly East Bay stretches along the river like a green silk. (Foshan News/ Long Shangchun)
The beautiful Guipan Lake is a relaxing place for residents to visit. (Foshan News/ Pan Weixin)
Along the Guipan River, Daliang, people are enjoying the scenery like spring all year round. (Netizen/ Zhao Haishan)
Flowers are blooming in the Chencun flower exhibition. (Foshan News/ Chen Chongwei)
In Huanglong Village, Shunde, the endless green shows magnificent beauty. (Foshan News/ Chen Zhijie)
A magnificent view along the green river banks of Desheng River.(Foshan News/ Long Shangchun
Along the Beijiao section of the Tanzhou River, Shunde, the green grass and trees and antique eaves form a beautiful picture. (Foshan News/ Long Shangchun)