Breathtaking Lingnan waterside villages in Foshan

Foshan China 2017-07-25 15:36

The photos are from a photography contest collection.

Colorful New City by Huo Guangliang
Fenghuang New Town by Wujian
The Sunset in Liri Swan Lake by Luo Xianzhong
Sanshui Forest Park by Huang Derong
Look down at Waterside Village taken in Longjiang by Gao Bo
Fairyland Wenhua Park by Zhi Liangying
A Small Bridge over the Flowing Stream by Liang Jianyong
New Landmark (Fenghuang Park) by Mo Guandi
Leisure Shunde Park by He Huiran
Green Asian Art Park by Li Yun
Overlook Shagang Park by Huang Xiaohua