Collections of Foshan wetlands

Foshan China 2017-08-16 17:47

Foshan is now actively promoting the ecological restoration of waterfront area.

Xiuli River in Gaoming District: the aquatic plants are growing with natural advantages and the lotus leaves are decorating the landscape along the river. (Taken by Ou Jianxing)
Desheng River in Shunde District: Desheng River connects scenic spots such as Guipan Lake and Shunfeng Mountain to form an ecological green chain. (Taken by Li Zhongting)
Xiaode Lake Park in Nanhai District: the park combines Lingnan architecture and filial piety culture to build unique park landscape. (Taken by Pan Weixin)
Guipanhai in Shunde District: in the next two to three years, Shunde will invest about 2.56 billion yuan to comprehensively improve Guipanhai River. (Taken by Pan Weixin)
Xiqiao Mulberry Fish Pond Wetland in Nanhai district: the rare beautiful scenery attracts CCTV to come and film several times. (Taken by 冷雨飘扬)
Waterfront Landscape Belt along Dongping River: more than 130 types of plants grow here. It becomes a leisure place for people to relax. (Taken by Jia Mu)
Jiujiang Wetland in Nanhai District: in this green shoal, aquatic plants are immersed by green water, nourishing their growth. (Taken by Liang Zhaolin)
Banyue Island Wetland Park in Chancheng District: facilities like greenways and basketball courts are completed. Let’s ride a bike or go for a walk! (Taken by Pan Weixin)
Zhihu Park in Gaoming District: the clear water comes from the West River. It features in water landscape, which brings beautiful lake and flying egrets scenery for the city. (Taken by Qiu Junyan)