The best scenery is on the road

Foshan China 2017-11-13 16:20

The best scenery is on the road.

Lingnan Rd. in Chancheng: there is a tree of scarlet flowers, looking like a flaming torch, hot and amazing! (taken by Li Jingxin)
Tiyu Rd. in Chancheng: the crape myrtles bloom “diligently” for five months.
Ceiba insignis in Chancheng: as the ceiba insignis bloom gradually, the beautiful flowers attract many people’s attention. (taken by Rong Shichun)
Bougainvillea in Chancheng: the flower language of bougainvillea is “perseverance”. It can survive all year round, no matter in high temperature or in wind and rain. (taken by Rong Zhuhua)
Sichou Rd. in Chancheng: big banyan brings comfort and coolness to people with its thickly dotted green leaves. (taken by 捕风捉影)
Kuiqi Rd. in Chancheng: in early March, when the old and new leaves are alternating, green leaves seem to turn into yellow overnight. (taken by 捕风捉影)
Jiangwan Interchange in Chancheng: the concept of “vertical greening” is visually described here. The interchange is filled with green landscape everywhere. (taken by Lu Zhantu)
Xiaotang Interchange, Foshan First Ring: This place is covered by massive plant landscape! Magnificent! (taken by Pan Qingji)
Nanhai Xiqiao Winding Mountain Rd.: there are a lot of twists and turns with beautiful scenery. (taken by Liu Meiyan)
Greenway in Foshan New City: with the breeze from river, the greenway is popular among cycling fans all year round. (take by Xia Mingfei)