In such special time, these people stick to their jobs

Foshan China 2020-02-06 15:08

During this special Spring Festival, many people in Foshan stick to their jobs despite of the epidemic.

During this special Spring Festival, instead of red packets, they send out brave and generous “fighting letters”. “I do! I sign up! I am always ready!” They said.
Huang Qiang, a doctor of Foshan Hospital of TCM, worked for hours in the quarantine observation area with sweat steam covering his goggles.
All toll stations in Foshan have set up epidemic monitoring and detection checkpoints. Every passing vehicle will be checked. (pic via Foshan police)
In order to keep the city clean and tidy, sanitation workers still stick to their jobs. A worker wearing masks are clearing roadblocks. (pic via Huang Huixin)
To meet dining needs, the delivery men are shuttling through streets for customers. (pic via Huang Huixin)
Staff of the DNA Shopping Center are selling pork at the counter. (pic via 二言大侠)
Mechanics at Foshan bus depot wear masks as they repair the rear drive gearing. (pic via 捕风捉影)
A supermarket staff check customers’ temperature at the entrance. (pic via blank)
Community management personnel broadcast protection knowledge with loudspeaker. (pic via 秀姐)
Security of a community in Nanhai District is checking people’s temperature. (pic via 快车)