Schools reopen amid Foshans strict prevention measures

Foshan China 2020-04-28 14:46

 On April 27, more than 113,000 students in the final year of Foshan’s senior and junior high schools returned to campus.
On April 27, more than 113,000 students in the final year of senior and junior high schools in Foshan returned to campus, after a long suspension due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.
At 8 am in the morning, April 27, students in the final year of Foshan No. 3 Middle School had returned one after another.
The number of students outside the gate of Jili Middle School had also increased, while they had to keep an distance of more than 1 meter orderly to enter the campus.
Students from Cangjiang Middle School in Gaoming handed in the health card before entering the school.
Students in Shimen Middle School took face recognition temperature measurement at an interval of one meter.
At the entrance and corridor of Sanshui Middle School, the school also placed exhibition boards and teacher portrait boards to welcome students back to school.
Guicheng Middle School specially planned the volunteering activity for graduating students returning to school.
After entering the campus, students must first wash their hands according to the seven-step washing method.
The first batch of returned students consciously studied quietly in the classroom after finishing the dormitory work.
At Lee Shau Kee Middle School, after returning to school, students received a loving health package donated by the Alumni Association.
The students of Huijing Middle School received the red packet and lollipop distributed by teachers.
Students of Zhangcha Middle School should wear masks, bringing their own meal spoon, queuing up at a 1 meter distance.