Start your trip to a dreamy outer space in Lishui

Foshan China 2022-01-11 09:51

When the night falls, a spectacular light show in Hundred-Flower Park illuminates the sky of Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan.
A world of shiny blue lights at the entrance of the park, dotted with planets in different colors and patterns, looks mysterious and futuristic.
The path towards to the stage is decorated into triangle and star tunnel. Who could refuse to take a nice photo here?
The culmination of trip comes to an extensive sea of lighting at the center of the park, where you may feel like you were sauntering in the outer space that you have never ever been to.
Taking a spot on viewing platform, you are able to enjoy the stunning panoramas from all angles.
You can also get the chance to revisit two Chinese classics, The Journey to the West and Madame White Snake under light effects.