Colorful events to grace Spring Festival holiday in Foshan

Foshan China 2022-01-28 11:47


In the Spring Festival market of Lingnan Tiandi, Lanterns with auspicious greetings in a novel and interesting form hung up high on the branches of trees, attracting many people to take photos.
From Fulu Road, Yongan Road to Gongzheng Road, Kuaizi Road now becomes the lastest Huichun Street of Foshan. In this long street covered in red, many people come to write Huichun.
All kinds of Huichun and the antique old buildings bring lively and festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.
A string of lanterns in the green trees appear particularly bright red, showing rich atmosphere of the Spring Festival.
Hongwei Street is filled with Spring Festival couplets, New Year pictures, red lanterns and other traditional New Year ornaments.
Besides handwriting Spring Festival Couplets, tiger doll, tiger hanging pictures and other artifacts with tiger on them are also the citizen’s favourites here as 2022 is the Year of Tiger.