Feel the early summer vibe in Foshan

Foshan News 2022-05-09 09:41

Since its opening on May 1st, Guangzhou Line 7 (West Extension) has accumulated a passenger flow record of 125,000 for the first 4 days.

On Lotus Island at Asian Arts Park, sunshine scatters all over the pond. Lotus leaves start dancing as the wind blows. (Photo by Foshan Daily)
A visitor is taking picture right in the middle of flower clusters. (Photo by Foshan Daily)
If you walk around in Chancheng, you can not help but noticing phoenix flowers are already ablaze with vibrant colors. (Photo by Foshan Daily)
In Anongwan Farming Cultural Park, you can see a large green paddy field. Together with the blue sky and white clouds, it makes a pastoral watercolor painting.(Photo by Anongwan Farming Cultural Park)
In the neighboring Luonan Ecological Garden, the fruits have been matured as purple and black grapes hang heavily on the branches like crystal jade. (Photo by Luonan Ecological Garden)