Captivating moments on Gaokao, 2022 in Foshan

Foshan China 2022-06-07 09:30

Photo | Captivating moments on Gaokao, 2022 in Foshan

Today and along with the next two days, 44,607 high schoolers in Foshan will sit the life-changing Gaokao, college entrance examination, and writes down the chapter for their lives.
It is about the backbone of a younger fighting generation who lives up unapoplectically to not only themselves, but to their beloved home.
Chinese teachers even held up some sunflowers and gave heart-warming high-fives to all students.
All teachers were dressed up in red T-shirts. They lined up and gave high-fives to each one of schoolers.
Besides from diverting traffic flow and keeping traffic orders during their shift, traffic police at Jiujiang Police Station held up some well drawn cheer-up boards for students.