The game is on! Another dragon boat drifting kicked off in Diejiao, Foshan

China Daily 2022-06-18 21:10

Dragon Boat racing, as one of the customs of Dragon Boat Festival, is a large event for Chinese.
You might have seen car drifting, what about dragon boat drifting? Diejiao Community, Foshan is the only place where you can watch this exciting sport around the world.
On June 18, 19 teams from Diejiao Community came to C-shaped racing track in Tantou Village, preparing for the upcoming exciting game.
The scream and shouting from the audience is a great support to all the paddlers.
A 25-meter dragon boat with over 30 people is drifting on the only 6-meter-wide sinuous river.
This is the Foshan’s Version of the “Fast and Furious”.