Sincere appreciation to those front-line workers

Foshan China 2022-07-29 11:07

July 26th is the the first day of second period of dog days and the highest temperature is 38.5. However,there are still many workers who keep to their posts. Let us sent them our sincere gratitude.

In order to prevent potential damage from high temperature to electrical equipments, workers from Southern Power Grid have to work at noon and those uniform have been damped by sweat.
Sanitation workers are still working outside under high temperature to clean the street.
Industrial works still stick to their position to contribute for Foshan in the 40 degree workshop.
Police officers are directing traffic on the burning asphalt road.
Medical staffs in sweltering protection suits conduct nucleic acid tests.
On July 22, Chancheng City Management Department sent 500 heatstroke prevention resources to front-line staffs and listened to their opinion for solving problems.
Sanshui District Working Committee held a heatstroke prevention event to sent 1000 cases drink to front-line workers, drives and remind them to cool temperature and prevent sunstroke.