Fantastic Decade: Green Foshan

Foshan China 2022-10-26 17:39

In the past decade, Foshan forged a road to ecological civilization as a major manufacturing city, setting an example for the forest city construction in the Greater Bay Area.
In autumn, a flock of egrets fly over the Jizhou village in Shunde, forming a harmonious view.
Known as eco-friendly birds, egrets have high standards for the environmental quality.
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.
Wenhua Park consists of green lanes, artificial lakes and squares. [Photo/Luo Qiuxia]
City and lakes stand in harmony in Qiandenghu Lake Park in Nanhai. [Photo/Zhou Chun]
Looking Shunfeng Mountain Park from afar, you can see verdant greenery. [Photo/He Huiran]
In Zhaomu Mountain of Gaoming, the village under the aerial vision is like an oil painting of a water town. [Photo/Long Shangchun]