First day of school shows festive vibes in Foshan

Foshan China 2023-02-15 17:57

"Crossing Tongji Bridge, Trouble Goes Away!" In Foshan No. 1 Primary School, this folk event was presented in the campus.
On the first day of school, students from Chengnan Primary School in Foshan brought their own rabbit lanterns and rabbit headdresses to welcome the new term with joy.
Students of Tongji Primary School crossed Tongji Bridge, enjoying Lingnan traditional culture and charity culture of Chancheng.
Teachers and students gathered under the lanterns to guess the riddles, and the school was full of laughter and happiness.
Pink lions came to the classroom to send blessings to everyone.
Teachers and students exchanged their new year's wishes, played games in groups, shared happy memories during the Spring Festival.
Beilei Kindergarten in Gaoming District has prepared a lot of events for the new term.
On February 5, teachers and students of Nanhai Zhixin High School spent the Lantern Festival together making and tasting sweet dumplings.