Exciting Super Dragon Boat League staged in Nanhai

Foshan China 2023-06-11 15:44

On June 10, the Nanhai Super Dragon Boat League concluded in a thrilling finale in Foshan Waterway Riverside Park Section.
The Guicheng Diebei Qingyun team won the champion, and the Dali Yayao Dongchong team and Yanbu Huilong Team won the second and third place respectively.
74 dragon boat teams from Dali and Guicheng were divided into 19 groups to compete in the preliminary round, and 16 teams of them successfully entered the finale.
The fierce battle of the dragon boat race also attracted a large number of citizens to watch.
The Nanhai dragon boat culture has been constantly moving forward in the history and been passed down for thousands of years.
The return of the Nanhai Super Dragon Boat League has once again deepened cultural exchanges and integration of towns and streets in Nanhai.