"Fun" with Foshan: FiveMust-Visit Tourist Attractionsfor May Day Holiday

Foshan China 2024-05-01 14:06

The Ancestral Temple, a complex of ancient buildings dating back to the Northern Song Dynasty, is not only a spiritual symbol of Foshan but also a treasure of Lingnan architectural art.
Lingnan Tiandi is an open-air blockthat cleverly blends historical architecture with modern lifestyle, resembling a miniature "Foshan Historical Museum."
Fashionable shops, trendy restaurants, and art spaces infuse this old street with endless vitality and a fashionable atmosphere.
Xiqiao Mountain, renowned as the "Beacon of the Pearl River civilization," is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes and profound humanistic history.
Liang's Garden, one of the four famous gardens inGuangdong, embodies the essence of Lingnan garden art.
Qinghui Garden, another of the four famous gardens in Guangdong, has been highly praised for its exquisite layout, diverse architectural styles, and rich Lingnan water town characteristics.