The 3rd International Talent's Dragon Boat Tour Kicks Off in Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City

Foshan China 2024-05-26 09:49

On May 25, the 3rd International Talent's Dragon Boat Tour event was successfully held at the Sanlongwan Dragon Boat Training Base in Foshan.
The event saw the participation of over 70 high-level international professionals living and working in Foshan.
On the Shaliang River, several dragon boats competed fiercely, creating splashes of water and showcasing an exhilarating competition of "speed and passion."
The event featured several cultural heritage experience booths, such as handmade sachets, fish lanterns, braided bracelets, and catching Zongzi.
The event also included the sharing of roast pig, symbolizing "good fortune," with the winning team cutting and sharing the crispy, tender, and flavorful Shunde roast pig.
The "International Talents Dragon Boat Racing" is one of the signature events of the Sanlongwan International Talents Hub.