Dragon Boat Teams from Guangzhou and Foshan Stir Up Pearl River

Foshan China 2024-06-17 14:06

On June 13, the Huangqi Dragon Boat Festival commenced with great enthusiasm on the river in front of the Huangqi Dragon Mother Temple.
The event attracted 25 dragon boat teams from Guangzhou and Foshan, including prominent teams from Tianhe Liede, Guangzhou Baiyun Hengsha, Lishui Shachong, Dongxiu Julong, and Hengjiang Village.
The competition featured two categories: the mixed wood group with 18 teams and the fir wood group with 7 teams.
This year's event also featured participation from the Nanhai Lishui Dragon Boat Team, enhancing cultural exchange between Dali Town and neighboring areas.
The Dragon Boat Festival season in Dali includes over 20 events, such as the Yanbu Old Dragon Awakening Ceremony and the Ligui Cup Dragon Boat Race.