Additional 40 thousand public school quota available next year
Foshan China 2022-12-19 17:18

On December 15, Foshan Education Bureau revealed the upcoming update of education in 2023.

Expanding resource for public elementary education

In the past 2 years, Foshan has made significant efforts in the renovation and expansion of schools. The number of newly public kindergarten has reached 47, providing 18 thousand school quota. Regarding high school, the number has climbed to 55, allowing 70 thousand students to enjoy the public school resource.

In 2023, Foshan will further increase the resource utilization for public elementary education, renovate and expand 15 public kindergartens, and 26 public high schools. Hence, there will be an increase of 7 thousand public kindergarten capacity and an increase of 34 thousand in public high school.

Educational facilities in one map

In this year, collaborated with Foshan Natural Resource Bureau, Foshan Education Bureau has released the Plan for the Layout of Educational Facilities in Foshan (2022-2035), which is the first scheme in Guangdong covering all degrees.

Boost collectivized schools and foster resources exchange across regions

Since 2011, Foshan has conducted various experiments in school-running patterns, to stimulate the collaboration and mitigate the inequality of resources among schools. Notably, group operation is one direction. Nowadays, there are 86 educational groups in Foshan in charge of nearly 600 schools, providing services to 750 thousand students.

To better utilize the teaching resources, Foshan Education Bureau has conducted cross-region program among outstanding principals and teachers. In 2022, there are 100 teachers registered for this program, including 50 tutorial principal teachers, 50 shadowing principal teachers.

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