Great educational achievement made by Longjiang
Foshan China 2022-12-26 15:55

Since the action plan of educational revitalization was released in 2021, Longjiang town has made great efforts in building a regional education center in the west Shunde district. 

5914 additional school quota provided in 2 years

On September, two primary schools, Longjiang Foreign Language School Affiliated Primary School (hereinafter referred to as Wanggang Primary School) and Longjiang City Center Primary School Jinping Campus, came under service. It is considered as another milestone completed in Longjiang's blueprint.

Longjiang Foreign Language School Affiliated Primary School (Wanggang Primary School)

Notably, with a total investment of 100 million yuan and the expansion of Wanggang primary school, the class capacity has increased from 22 to 42, providing additional 900 school quota. Additionally, it has adopted the standards of “the most beautiful campus” in the design of everything, like the architecture and facilities.

Since 2021, there have been 8 schools or kindergarten expanded, providing additional 5914 educational quota and 6120 spots for student accommodation.

Promote the educational development to a higher level

Apart from the increase in school quota, high-quality educational team is another pillar of Longjiang's action plan.

In 2022, Longjiang updated the Action Plan to Introduce High-level Educational Talents and actively recruited qualified talents.

Through external introduction and internal cultivation, Longjiang strives to enrich its talent resources. It has recruited 36 public school teaching, with 55.6% of them having master or double-degree background.

Nowadays, 2 people are selected as the training target of “Millions of Talent Cultivation Project". Regarding the teacher resources, there are 50 municipal-recognized teachers and 152 district-level advanced educational talents.

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