Study in a park-like school in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-01-09 16:51

Longjiang City Center Primary School (Jinping Campus) makes full use of the geographic advantages of its close location to Longjiang People's Park and integrates with the Park to build a campus blending with natural environment, with the design concept of "a campus in a park and a park in a campus".

With the principle of "child-oriented education", the school has a fencing gym for children, a playground, special toilets, a forest library, a forest study room, a forest activity room, and pipeline playing facilities.

With all theses facilities, it aims to provide a platform for children to explore and learn, to release their lively and childlike nature, to develop their thinking and hands-on abilities, and to build a transition bridge between kindergarten and elementary school.

As you enter the campus, you are greeted by a triple entrance arch with layers of inner sets, making the entrance a sight to behold in the busy city streets. Children can be given a direct impression of the space.

After passing through the entrance arch, you will arrive at the atrium of the school building, which is connected to the enclosed hill playground by a white cloud corridor.

Walking through the school building, you will reach the valley playground. Through the renovation and utilization of the spare space behind the school building, a small-scale space for break-time activities is created, where children can play on the swings and read books.

Between the two school buildings is a climbing arcade leading to the sports field on the hill. The climbing arcade is also in the form of the entrance arch and it makes the main axis of the campus. The arcade connects the teaching area and the sports area, providing shelter and fun for the children's climbing.

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