Foshan united with HK in a battle against COVID-19
Chinadaily 2022-03-03 09:40

Hong Kong, since February, has been stricken by COVID-19 pandemic, and Foshan is trying its best to give aids to its neighboring city.


Makeshift hospitals built on Shunde-made steel


Two makeshift hospitals in Chok Ko Wan and Kai Tak are under construction. The main material, steel, is provided by Lecong Steel Market (乐从钢铁世界) in Shunde District. Once they are put into use, these two hospitals are estimated to provide 9,500 isolation beds.




Chancheng made donations to back up HKs battle against the pandemic


Led by CPC Party Memebers in all communities in Chancheng, local residents have been very responsive and collected tons of materials for donation to Hong Kong. So far, Chancheng has shipped 12,000 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen Capsules (连花清瘟胶囊) to the virus-stricken area.



Hong Kong-Chancheng General Association (referred to as "Chan Zong") has also organized a support & command group in Hong Kong, which works to raise funds, distribute donations and provide assistance for 1,000 members.



"Nanhai District - Hong Kong" waterway ensuring food delivery


To secure the daily food supply for Hongkong citizens, a new waterway to ship frozen food to the city has been opened. On February 16, the first batch of food, 24 metric tons of 13,000 chilled chicken, were transported from Jiujiang port in Nanhai District. The new route now is keeping food flowing to Hong Kong.



Shunde gave anti-epidemic supplies to Hong Kong


A donation ceremony to support Hong Kongs fight against the epidemic was held on March 1st, receiving a total of 29,1000 yuan and $10,000 from all walks of the society.


So far, data shows that Shunde District has donated four batches of materials and funds to support Hong Kong, with a total of about 2.8 million yuan.


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