【Bilingual】Notes on Health Management Measures for People Coming (Returning) to Foshan 来(返)佛人员健康管理措施须知
健康佛山、佛山市疾病预防控制中心、佛山市外事局 2022-04-02 15:17

















Notes on Health Management Measures for People Coming (Returning) to Foshan 


As global COVID-19 situation is complicated and China reports local cases in many cities, Foshan faces great challenges in “preventing transmission from other places and rebounds within the city”. The latest health management measures for those coming (returning) to Foshan are reminded as follows: 


1. If you come (return) to Foshan from outside Guangdong Province, please travel with a negative nucleic acid test report for COVID-19 within 48 hours, report to your residential community, hotel or employer or call 12320 after arriving, take a nucleic acid test on the 1st and 3rd day, and conduct self-health monitoring from the 4th to the 14th day. 


2. If you come (return) to Foshan from a high-risk area, please receive 14-day centralized quarantine. 


3. If you come (return) to Foshan from a medium-risk area, a county (city, district or subdistrict in case of municipality) with high-risk area(s), or a county managed with reference to high-risk areas (more than 10 local cases reported in 14 days but not yet adjusted to a high-risk area), please conduct 14-day home-based quarantine. 


4. If you come (return) to Foshan from a prefecture-level city (district or county in case of municipality) with community-acquired infection, please conduct 7-day home-based quarantine plus 7-day home-based health monitoring. 


5. If you come (return) to Foshan from a prefecture-level city (district or county in case of municipality) with significant community-acquired infection or high-risk area(s), please implement 14-day home-based health monitoring, during which your health code will be yellow. 


6. If you come (return) to Foshan by plane, train or shuttle bus from a city above prefecture level (sub-provincial city or municipality) with medium or high-risk area(s), please take a nucleic acid test organized by the carrier before boarding, and travel with a negative report within 48 hours. The time restriction can be loosened for children under 3 years old. After arriving in Foshan, please take a nucleic acid test at the arrival station, leave with non-public transportation (advised), and wait for the nucleic acid test result at your place of residence. 


Source | 健康佛山、佛山市疾病预防控制中心、佛山市外事局