GHC Scanning Guide for Access to Public Places
佛山外事 2022-04-26 09:29






Currently, the Yuekang Code (Guangdong Health Code) system does not support GHC (Yuekang Code for in-bound individuals, including expats) users to scan the location code for registration upon entering public places. GHC users are advised to present their or their companions GHC to inspectors of public places for registration.


Inspectors can enter the Yueshengshi Mini Program, choose “粤康码防疫工作台” (GHC anti-epidemic work table), then “检测员” (inspector), choose the corresponding place for inspection and tap “扫描健康码入口” (portal to scan GHC) to start scanning GHCs, and check users health information to decide whether the users are allowed to enter the public places.