Sanshui led the globe with the first rabbit coccidiosis vaccine
Foshan China 2023-01-29 17:37

In February, 2022, the world’s first trivalent activated vaccine to combat rabbit coccidiosis has been authorized by the Chinese government. The product was invented by STANDARD, a local bio-chemical enterprise in Sanshui, Foshan. It is considered as an epoch-making step for food safety and environmental protection, as the industry of rabbit breeding across the globe has long been plagued by rabbit coccidiosis, an epidemic that for years takes high costs to fix.

According to its R&D team, the vaccine didn’t come out of the lab after a decade of trials and errors. As noted by the team, the insect virus built in the vaccine must be widely found in epidemic before and has the strong pathogenicity and potent immunogenicity. Rabbits injected with the vaccine will have durable immunity.

Tan Zhijian, General Manager of STANDARD, pointed out that, as the vaccine is getting applied in more areas, less and less drug will be used in raising these rabbits. Drug residues in rabbit meat can be avoided, thereby safeguarding the environment.

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