​Hecheng Gaoming added with 2,600 parking spaces
Foshan China 2022-08-19 10:49

In recent weeks, the Municipal Service Center of Hecheng Subdistrict in Gaoming has roll out work to standardize parking of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, mainly by adding parking spaces on the roads in Sanzhou, Xian, Fuwan subdistricts of Hecheng and designated sections in the urban area.



From August 9th to August 15th, about 1,700 parking spaces were allocated on the main roads Qingzhou, Jiangwan, Lighting and Sanzhou communities and surrounding urban roads.



Through proper planning on non-motor vehicle and motor vehicle parking spaces, Gaoming will see more orderly parking of non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles on the street, curb random parking of vehicles and block fire passages, and create a clean and orderly social environment.


Author | Jersey

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