New progress made in Foshan Metro Line 3 project
Foshan China 2022-10-14 11:00
At 6 p.m. on October 9, with the shield machine grinding through the ground connection wall of the receiving cavity door, the shield machine “Tianyou 73” of the right line between Diejiao Station and Zhongshan Park Station of Foshan Metro Line 3 project (Diezhong interval) was passed and received. So far, the double-line tunnel of the interval has been completed, and the construction of the shield section of Line 3 project has been completed.
Constructed by China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd., the 0.98-km-long interval is an important channel of Foshan Metro Line 3 connecting the Chan-Gui region. The geological conditions are complex and the pipelines along the line are dense, making the construction difficult and risky. 
The smooth completion of the double-line tunnel in Diezhong interval has guaranteed the construction process of the northern section of Line 3 project. Next, Foshan Metro Group will follow the work planning, scientific organization and fine management to promote the construction process of Line 3 project and achieve the goal of opening all the tunnels in the remaining sections of Line 3 project as soon as possible.
Author | May
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