17 kilometers! Fulong Xijiang Bridge to shortens the distance between Chancheng & Gaoming
Foshan China 2022-11-22 18:39

Fulong Xijiang Bridge in Gaoming, known as the Foshan No.1 bridge, has currently undergone the erection process. It is estimated to operate by August 2023.

Once completed, the distance between Fuwan, Gaoming and Nanzhuang, Chancheng will be shortened to 17 kilometers only.

The construction started from September 2019, with a total length of 1,770 meters and the main span of the bridge is 500 meters.

The bridge starts from Fuyuan, Hecheng, Gaoming District, and ends at Baini Town, Sanshui District.

Its tower design follows a diamond-shaped, which is inspired by Egret Lake in Foshan.

The construction project of Fulong Xijiang Bridge took 24 months, using 38,000 cubic meters of concrete and 5,548 tons of steel bars.

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